Straight Lines – Carmen Herrera






The Cuban-born artist Carmen Herrera in her Manhattan loft, surrounded by her art. After six decades of very private painting, she sold her first artwork five years ago at the age of 89.

Ms. Herrera’s late-in-life success has stunned her in many ways. Her larger works now sell for $30,000, and one painting commanded $44,000, amounts unimaginable when she was, say, in her 80s. “I have more money now than I ever had in my life,” she said. Not that she is succumbing to a life of leisure. Ms. Herrera, because she must, continues to draw and paint. “Only my love of the straight line keeps me going,” she said.



Carmen Herrera at Lisson Gallery

“Good Artists Borrow, Great Artists Steal”

iiiinspired _ left, stella mccartney dress_right, courtney price artwork flipped iiiinspired _ stella mccartney Velvet and silk floor length evening dress1 iiiinspired _ whatshehasfound.tumblr _ courtney price

This is my drawing – and this observant blogger discovered
something interesting enough:

She says:

1 _ art by courtney price. her works are available at rectangular objects.
2 _ stella mccartney brigitte dress, detail. available at stella mccartey.
3 _ the dress and the artwork (flipped verically) side by side.
whether or not the designer was really inspired by this artwork, i don’t know
(i personally think she was), but i kinda think that this kind of
“stealing” is rather legitimate in design… i mean transforming
a work of art into a dress or design.
i remember when i was much younger and drew dresses for fun
(well, i still do) i would use all kinds of things for transforming them into
dresses. think furniture, ceramics, buildings or jewelry.
what’s your opinion? i’m curious.


good artists borrow – great artists steal”