Straight Lines – Carmen Herrera






The Cuban-born artist Carmen Herrera in her Manhattan loft, surrounded by her art. After six decades of very private painting, she sold her first artwork five years ago at the age of 89.

Ms. Herrera’s late-in-life success has stunned her in many ways. Her larger works now sell for $30,000, and one painting commanded $44,000, amounts unimaginable when she was, say, in her 80s. “I have more money now than I ever had in my life,” she said. Not that she is succumbing to a life of leisure. Ms. Herrera, because she must, continues to draw and paint. “Only my love of the straight line keeps me going,” she said.



Carmen Herrera at Lisson Gallery


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C Price Open Gallery Portland Installation View Paintings and Sculptures





C Price
Box of Contents

Vending Machine: A Pop-Up


C Price’s work cycles between dimensions – from vectors and animated gifs, oil paintings on rectangular canvas, paper collage, shallow constructions and reliefs to shadow casting mixed-media wall sculptures and full blown (but small scale) wooden block sculptures.  This show will display a slice of this artist’s body of work over the last number of years as it moves on and off the wall.

 CP’s work is both a visual party and a metaphysical one. Figured from a language of minimalist distillations, material properties, vivid color relationships and concrete arrangeable parts, the artist’s working process is echoed by its tendency to inspire puzzle reading, shrine rearranging and tuning into space via geometry and color fields.

  A sharp black drip cut out of wood burrows flatly into its precisely fitted white den, a pale line dips into the past layers of paint and has a sip of blue gradient, a ball attaches itself to the ledge of a leaning square.  In groups, the block populations start to socialize – they would like to meet you on August 7th.

Box of Contents “Vending Machine: a Pop-Up” presents a web based project in real life in the tradition of a trade show booth. Offering a selection of magnetizing artist editions (by BOC group members) for sale at a retail friendly price point, Room 2 of OPEN Gallery will be transformed into a small shop environment for the night of August 7th, 2014 from 6-9pm .

C Price is an artist living and working in Portland Oregon.  Box of Contents is a web and mail based “business art” project started by C Price in 2005.

SPAM SPELLS (real life inbox spam received 8/6/14)

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Holly Wood


 Associated by Druidic tradition to the grand majesty of the Unicorn. Holly is one of the most fiery of woods and second only to Oak for its sacred regard by the Druids. The Gaelic “tinne” is thought to mean “fire.”  Holly has been regarded as a powerful protective wood, good against evil spirits, poisons, angry elementals, and lightning.


(Ilex opaca)
Purity, strength, logic, protection, power transfer,
blocking unwanted forces and healing.
Holly is the whitest wood in the world and is often 
associated with purity and the unicorn.
Natural Habitat – South Eastern United States
Wood Hardness – 950